Non-standard chain wheel


Product Description

The key development direction of Hengjiu enterprise is to design and manufacture non-standard large-sized conveying chain wheels used in metallurgic industry. The manufacturing pitch is from dozens of millimeters to 1,000 millimeters, the diameter of chain wheel is from dozens of millimeters to 3 meters, and the weight of chain wheel is from dozens of kilograms to 3 tons, which has basically covered all of the producing and processing links in metal industry.

In recent years, outstanding achievements with the most influence are the supporting chain wheels used for major projects of metallurgic industry, such as 5 meters wide and thick plate project of Baosteel and the inspection, transverse and grinding racks of Luo Jing removal project of more than 1200 tons, the cooling bed, deluxe binding and collection and other areas of Tianjin Pipe Company’s two sets, three sets, four sets and bonded area project of more than 2500 tons, the 5 meters wide and thick plate project one-stage, steel moving of second stage and collection area of Shagang Group of more than 2000 tons, Laiwu H-shape steel, the cooling bed of 5 meters thick plate project and sizing area and other areas of more than 1600 tons, the grinding racks of Russian 5 meters wide thick plate project, inspection bench and other areas of more than 1000 tons and so on. Our company has now been the largest manufacturing supplier of conveying chain wheel in domestic metallurgic industry, and has become a domestic supplier for famous international companies such asSMS, DANIELI, VAI and so on.


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